Amazing, motivating trainer. Devine Fitness got me well beyond the goal I had set myself. I got a figure that I could never have dreamed of! Classes are always tough but great fun. Keeps me coming back for more punishment!
Janis Tyrell

“When I started the classes with Tricia, I hadn’t been doing any sports for 10 years. I am now attending many classes and pts for almost 2 years already. I have never felt better and fitter before. The training is demanding but everyone has a chance to push to their own limits, without feeling watched or judged. I never regretted one class I did do, just the ones I didn’t do.” Thanks a lot!!!!
Maike Heuer

I cannot recommend trish & Devine fitness enough! I’v have tried many a quick fix over the years & nothing lasted, but classes with trish work! It is a quick fix but with lasting results. I have taken part in her classes & her “drop a dress size” both of which I found to be very successful in terms of toning & weight loss. In one word trish is a “legend”
I would highly recommend her & her classes.
Emma Gleeson

I started with Devine fitness 2 years ago never done any fitness before bit scary…. Never felt better about my body and would find it very hard to give it up now!!! One class and Ur hooked … Brilliant trainer … Great classes .. That feeling better about yourself … there’s no going back - love it ❤️
Pauline PpBolger

I’ve been coming to Trish’s classes since she started up 2 years ago.i now have the best and most enjoyable fitness regime I’ve ever had.Trish is constantly bringing new ideas and equipment to class which keeps things fun and interesting.i also love the fact that it’s women only !!
Maria Brien

“I joined Devine Fitness over a year ago, Tricia is fantastic at her job, she’s friendly & very motivating. I have learned so much from her with regards Clean Eating & that lifting weights won’t make you bulky. It takes time to see your body transform , be patient, don’t give up , you could be losing so much but maybe you can’t realise that . Keep going & you’ll be amazed I promise .
Siobhan Cusack

I’ve been taking classes with devine fitness for over a year now and I’ve seen a huge change in my fitness and strength levels. The classes are great fun, suit all fitness levels and are are really enjoyable. Trish is always supportive and encouraging and I would highly recommend devine fitness to anyone looking to tone up, lose weight and have fun !
Rosie Whelan

Tricia at Devine Fitness is a superwoman trainer in my eyes! Her classes are always hard work, challenging & varied, but fun & rewarding too, not to be missed!!”

Weekly Classes at Devine Fitness are amazing. Tricia is constantly changing the workouts – so its like getting a new surprise at each class !. She is so enthusiastic you cannot help but put 110% into each class. A recommendation for Devine Fitness is not good enough – you have to have a Devine experience !
Noeleen Fleming

Trish’s morning classes have me feeling great after my first baby, I always have a great laugh with the others but most importantly, you’re always getting a great work out!
I started training with Trish in May 2012. I never had any interest in working out, didn’t even do PE at school. But I can honestly say I would recommend Devine Fitness to anyone. Whether you’re looking to loose weight and tone up or just increase your fitness, her classes are second to none. Whatever your ability Trish will give you the time and attention you need to get you started. I cannot recommend her highly enough. At that’s saying something from someone who was a total coach potato!
Sarah Hesnan
‘I started classes afew weeks ago, they are Brillant, really have a super work out and the exercises really cause ‘good pain’ the next day. After afew classes my bum was so sore sitting down and I couldnt hold
The hair dryer for long! So when you get ‘good pain’ I feel the classes are really working and you’re getting a great work out!
Tks trish for all the good pain!

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